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We are a unique furniture making company in Australia offering a design and manufacture service unequalled to others in it’s ability to respond to the needs of private clients, interior designers and others and to provide products that no-one else can provide or source.

The extent of care and choice offered would simply not be possible in a company which mass produced furniture or which created designs to suit the machine process or market profile. We overstep the limits of the machine and give to our clients what they wish. We convey a piece of furniture into reality from the simplest designs to the most intricately carved. All aspects of production are in-house from drawing board, construction by expert makers; carving; finishing and upholstery to finished item under one roof.

This flexibility and responsiveness sets us apart. The products we make are of International design and standard.

We are dedicated to creating fine furniture in the marketplace in the best materials which offer the highest quality. These timbers are either plantation grown or reclaimed from parks and reserves. Solid Cherrywood, Oak, Wild Elm, Walnut to name a few, are most widely used both for their strength and beauty and appropriateness to the designs we make. There is a continual dialogue between old cabinetmaking techniques gleaned from antiques and modern methods of construction. The types of finishes we achieve range from the gnarled antique to the finest sheen.

All our work is designed and manufactured in Australia. We are a fully Australian Company which in it’s 40 years has trained expert craftsmen and women; expert furniture makers; finishers and woodcarvers and upholsterers. We continue to train and employ all staff in-house. We are committed to providing fully Australian made products

We are a company which is used to working to rigorous deadlines with a flair for design and an appreciation of furniture both past and present.


Featured in The Age, March 7, 2007 - "As the French put it..."

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